Reflectons on an Aquarium
Nuka, a female Pacific Walrus frequently sucked
on her front flippers as a youngster. Not unlike a
human baby, she often fell asleep like this. Nuka
was rescued from the northern shore of Alaska in
1982 when she was found orphaned due to
separation from her mother either by severe
weather conditions or the native walrus hunt.
© Irwin Bernstein - 2013
The New York
Aquarium at Coney
Island is a world full of
fantasy. I have been
photographing the sea
life at the aquarium
since 1961.

Through the
photographs in this
book we can imagine
the sea animals
exhibiting many of the
same emotions that
we humans have.
           Lou Bernstein
"The Dance of a Dolphin
Forever Frozen on Film"
By John Durniak - freelance writer
A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wild Life
Conservation Society of New York to support and rebuild the New
York Aquarium ravaged by hurricane Sandy in October 2012.
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